Hey there.

I'm Adam Warner, a photographer and videographer born, raised, and currently residing in Minnesota's Twin Cities.

Five years ago, I walked into the basement office of my college newspaper, picked up a Canon 5D Mark II, and walked across campus to my first assignment as a photojournalist. As well as being the first (and only) time I ever photographed lacrosse, that night began my relationship with visual storytelling.

It hasn't always been a stable relationship. Like most 18-year-old high school graduates, I was anxious and confused in choosing where to go and what to do with my life, and so chose the first thing that felt right. I found parts that spoke to me, such as video editing, and others that didn't. Over the years, I loved, resented, and came to terms with the craft and the career which breaks my heart and fills it back up again.

Today, I seek to further develop my skills and use them to help others and shape a better world.