About Me



 I'm Adam Warner, an amateur photojournalist based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. I was raised in Prior Lake, Minnesota, 30 minutes south of the Twin Cities. My family has driven to Nebraska to visit my mom's family at least once a year, so this state has always felt like a second home to me. That familial connection is what brought me to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for a tour and eventually to photojournalism.

I had very little experience with a camera before college. In 2013, I graduated high school with no direction in life. I toured small colleges in Minnesota, finding only places that might occupy my time. But then I toured UNL and I discovered journalism. After one seminar, I felt I had found my calling. During my second semester, I began working at the university's student newspaper as a photographer. As I took assignment after assignment, the profession slowly won me over. With each task, I found myself enjoying the puzzles that each situation forced me to solve on the fly.

It's been four years since my first day at that publication, and I'm now more driven as a photojournalist than ever before. I've become a student of the craft, studying others' work and deducing the decisions made with each photograph. I see my journalism as a civic service. Looking back, I know there's nothing I'd rather be doing.